API Equality-LA

By | September 6, 2011
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Passing on to those who may be interested.

Dale Noriyuki

Next weekend, September 17th, API Equality LA will be hosting its second Crossroads program — an opportunity to explore the commonalities between Asian/Pacific Islander civil rights with those of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. The program debuted in 2009 and we’ve had lots of requests to reconvene another such forum, so here we are! This time, we’ll focus on the FAIR Education Act, immigration reform and bullying in schools. As usual, the committe has put together an amazing panel of speakers. Plus, we’ll have time to work together as members of our various communities on these issues.

Some of you responded to my last email, indicating conflicts in your schedules (for the Buddhists, I know that Ohigan is just around the corner). But others suggested that some of your congregants/sangha might be able to attend. We certainly welcome anyone who’s interested.

Would you please pass this information (flyer) to people you think might benefit from attending? Thank you, once again for your support.

Best regards,
Greg Matsunami

PS. There’s RSVP information on the flyer but if anyone has questions, please refer them to me (hapunabeach@hotmail.com). I’d be happy to answer them.