Thank You from Keiro!

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From Keiro Senior Health Care:

Thank you to Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple and all who volunteered or attended Keiro’s 17th Genki Conference: Caregiver’s Edition held at the Venice Japanese Community Center on April 27, 2014!



With the help of many partners in our community, over 300 caregivers in over 30 cities received necessary resources and support to be effective caregivers and stay healthy themselves.


Over 300 in attendance, with almost half screened with potential stroke & thyroid problems

Frances Kakugawa

“Frances Kakugawa’s sharing really helped me to remember the compassion for others necessary in this caregiving process. I feel empowered now that I attended the conference.”
– Emiko Kuwata, attendee

Breakout Session

Breakout Session

Emily & Lauren

Temple President Emily Kariya and Lauren Wolpert are on hand to answer questions about the VHBT.

Keiro Genki Caregivers Conference
Venice Japanese Community Center, 12448 Braddock Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90066,
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