Farewell, Mrs. Sato

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Today after our morning service of the Shoshinge and Wasan, attended by Rev. John Iwohara and Rev. Ray Fukumoto, we bid a sad farewell to one of the pillars of our temple. Mrs. Ethel Sato. She has been both teacher and mother (like) to many of our Dharma School Students over the many decades she has shared her Joy of the teachings of our Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition. She may be moving away from her second home at @[109635029188671:274:Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple] (to Arizona), but she will never begone from our hearts. Thank you Mrs. Sato, お疲れ様でした, Otsukaresamadeshita, you will always be part of our temple and your presence will never fade. Gasshou

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