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Ohigan Seminar

Rev. Tetsuo Unno gives an Ohigan seminar at West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple on September 16, 2017. Handout Part 1 /recordings/170916%20Rev.%20Tetsuo%20Unno%20-%20WLA%20Ohigan%20Seminar%20Pt.%201.mp3.mp3 Part 2 /recordings/170916%20Rev.%20Tetsuo%20Unno%20-%20WLA%20Ohigan%20Seminar%20Pt.%202.mp3.mp3

Eitaikyo (永代経) “Sutra (over) long generations”

One way to understand the Eitaikyo is as the temple’s promise to continue to share and propagate the Dharma, in particular the Nembutsu Teaching (as expressed by the character 「経」 or Sutra), over many “long” (「永」) generations (「代」). The expression “long generations” (「永代」) is frequently translated as “perpetual.” Because of this, the Eitaikyo can be… Read More »